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NuSign Suite provides a comprehensive set of advanced capabilities designed to deliver complex banking use cases that are traditionally not possible with a typical e-Signatures vendor. Banks will typically embark on large internal project builds to “complete” the end-to-end solution or they will engage with additional vendors to provide workflow, user experience and document upload/exchange capabilities. In either case, the e-Signature vendor is unable to provide the entire solution. NuSign Suite changes the banking engagement. If you would like to learn how NuSign to transform your e-Signature journey – let’s talk.

Critical Hurdles:

  • Banks struggle to scale e-Signing solutions to their industry verticals. Each new project (to scale) is an expensive engagement and internally the teams struggle to justify the ROI. The expenses are several vendors required in addition to internal development.
  • Even though e-Signatures is a standard capability in banking, it is never the only vendor solution involved. Banking workflows will often require customer supporting documents to be uploaded, resulting in an additional vendor(s) to support this.
  • Banks require complex workflows to support the various review/signing/approval processes both internally and with the customers. To support these workflow requirements, banks typically utilize additional vendor(s) to “support” their e-Signature tool.
  • Banks require complex signature management, signature block placement, data collection, logic management within documents etc. These are features typically not available in an e-Signature alone and again would require multi-vendor solutions to achieve.
  • Banks demand that the customer experience is completely on brand, which includes the style sheets, fonts, colours, action items, etc. e-Signature vendors claim to support “Brand” by displaying the bank’s logo, which is not enough. Banks will engage another vendor for the UI or build the UI themselves at their own cost and time.
  • Banks often suffer from a “Failure to Launch” as complicated use cases become too difficult to deliver. As banks need to work with multiple vendors, combined with their own in-house development, projects are stopped or more likely never started as they are too complex.

Benefit of NuSign

  • NuSign Suite provides banks enhanced capabilities so that banks will not need to engage additional vendors to support complex use cases.
  • Achievable ROI is now available for complex use cases.
  • Successfully scale out solutions faster and less costly.
  • Overcome the “Failure to Start” by leveraging out-of-the-box capabilities with NuSign Suite.
  • NuDocs provides advanced automation capabilities, so no DIY build required.
  • NuFlow includes complex business workflows to support all industries within banking. There will be no need to engage a workflow vendor to build this logic internally.
  • NuExchange provides the uploading of images and documents to support the business workflows.
  • NuConnect enables banks to integrate easily with their upstream and downstream applications.
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