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NuSign Suite provides an ideal solution for US Auto Insurance where customers are required to, review and e-Sign documents and provide a complete set of current images of their vehicle(s) and identification. 

NuFlow and NuExchange provide a complete (out-of-the-box!) solution where an auto insurance business simply predefines what images and documents are required. Operationally, back-office agents manage the uploaded customer images to ensure compliance accuracy via the NuSign agent portal. 

End-customers enjoy the benefits of NuX where they can upload their documents and image files to a customer portal that is designed to be responsive on both desktop and mobile devices. NuX ensures the end-customer experience is 100% your brand, from both look and feel and the flow of customer interaction. 

Critical Hurdles:

  • Clients in the auto industry struggle with the manual effort required to “setup” documents for eSigning. Many of the underwriters have variable documents that are referred to as Non-Standard forms. These forms will vary in length, content and signing rules based on the details of the customer(s). Due to this, the standard e-Signatures “Templates” cannot be used. (NuDocs provides automation to support non-standard forms)
  • Clients also have a requirement to “hide” all the Insurance Cards during the review/signing process. The ID cards are then delivered once signing is completed. With traditionally e-Signing vendors, this process is 100% manual. NuSign and NuDocs includes advanced logic that supports hiding pages during review/signing. No manual steps are required.
  • Digitizing the “In-Person” channel is too difficult a challenge using a standard e-Signature tool due to the significant amount of manual work to prepare documents for signing. In-store Insurance Agents will need to manually prepare the document in front of customers. Due to the obvious concerns with customer impatience and agent frustration, many Insurance companies maintain their paper solution. NuSign Suite eliminates the manual effort with automation and workflow, clients can now digitize this massive amount of paper that is still being used. ROI is easily achieved!

Benefits to one of our customers include: 

  • NuDocs automation eliminated 50+ manual steps in document preparation.
  • NuSign Suite delivered a complete In-Person digital solution, which was otherwise not possible with previous 3-year DocuSign engagement.
  • Transaction time reduced from 31 minutes to under 15 minutes.
  • Elimination of Out-of-Orders. Significant reduction in rework.
  • Training time reduced over 50% due to automation and workflow.
  • Insurance agents now accomplish all tasks in a single application, the NuSign Suite.
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