Use Cases

Driving Efficiency in Payments and Electronic Signatures. NuSign and NuPayments solve complex problems across a range of use cases below is just a sample. Let’s talk if what we do resonates with your business requirements.

NuSign e-Signature Suite

Our NuSign suite of tools is an evolution from other standard e-Sign tools. Take a look at some of the use case to understand how we can help solve your complex needs.



Unlocking digital transformation and scale not possible with alternative e-Sign vendors

Retail Banking

  • Mortgages, personal loans, and account servicing.
  • Personal loans that require supporting documentation to be uploaded.
  • Single consolidated user experience with NuSign.
Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

  • Enablement of all channels for both standard and non-standard forms.
  • Automate challenging non-standard application forms for signing with NuDocs.
  • Enable In-Person/in-Store workforce with an entire all-in-one branded digital solution to view and sign documents and upload supporting images with NuSign.
  • Support of multiple insurance brands within the same enterprise instance with NuBrand
  • Support for multi-carrier complex document requirements and workflow
e-Signatures vendor

Business Banking

  • Complex documents, signing roles and workflows.
  • Traditionally, one of the most challenging banking divisions to support digitally.
  • NuSign provides support for complex user roles and signing rules while leveraging workflow by NuFlow to support the most challenging use cases.

After Life Care

  • Secure document delivery and eSignature
  • Sensitive and complex delivery of documents and payments as multiple parties may be involved in both sign-off and payments.
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Pre-lifecare event processing

HR and Hiring Services

  • Secure staff contract/document delivery
  • Customized Staff portal
  • e-Signature processing for employment contracts
  • e-Signature processing for employment policy acceptance
  • Secure uploads of documents such as right to work/visa, Identity documents etc


Nuvola provide a range of solutions in the payment space, from transparent tokenization to complex gateway routing. Take a look at some of the use case to understand how we can help solve your complex needs.


Leading Online Betting

Take a look at how our solutions solved complex payment processing at scale for a leading online betting business, resulting in considerable reduction in payment processing costs.

High Velocity Retail Payments

  • High volume payment processing across multiple gateways.
  • 300-500 Transactions per second for peak season event
  • Transparent tokenization of new payment method through online web and app acquisition
  • Payment routing based on business rules and workflow

After Life Care

  • Integrated payment processing after eSignature documents
  • Complex part payment collection for multi-part and multi-party payments.
  • Pre-lifecare event processing

Payment Routing / Orchestration

  • Multi-gateway routing to ensure least cost routing and payment delivery.
  • Business workflow/rule-based routing of transactions
  • Multi-country/currency routing
  • Soft decline management and retries
  • Complex business structures and multi-brands, handled within a single gateway environment
  • Consolidated reporting within and across brands/business structure

Transparent Tokenization

  • Remove PCI compliance requirements
  • Allow in-flight replacement of PAN with tokens to remove PAN from inhouse applications & database.

Online Payment Processing

  • Hosted Payment pages for online payment processing via multi-path/multi-gateway paths
  • Business rule processing e.g. Amex processed gateway A, Visa gateway B
  • Fully branded as your business

Token Vault

  • 1:Many Tokens for extremely flexible token storage
  • Extremely flexible token use, network/scheme token, gateway tokens
  • Multi-token network/scheme tokenization
  • Multi-gateway tokens

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