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Online payments

The NuPayments Difference

NuPayments is a secure, industry-leading payment orchestration solution. Trusted by high-volume merchants for payment process and tokenization. We process millions of transactions per month and handle event driven production transaction rates into the many hundreds of transactions per second at peak – and the platform has been tested to over a 1000 TPS.

Nuvola NuPayments
Standard Gateway
Payment processing essentials
PCI DSS Compliant
3DS v2 Fraud protection
Token metadata
Multiple Token Type
Hosted Payment Pages
3rd Party Fraud integrations
Multi-Brand/Business Unit/Multi-Location hierarchies
Access multi-gateway multi-payment services
Gateway agnostic and portable
Intelligent and Rule Based Routing
Transaction Retries and Soft Decline retries
Performance monitoring of downstream gateways
1-to-Many Tokens
Multiple Token Formats
Token Preservation, re-use


All the payment features you would expect from a gateway and much more. Your payments ecosystem should be tailored to your business, we understand that business rules and workflow can be very different from merchant to merchant and have designed a flexible solution that allows us to quickly tailor your business rules and preferences.

NuPayments Essentials provides a PCI-compliant foundation with a diverse series of connections for you to transact across.

Secure by Design

Security by design. When we started developing NuPayments, security was our core requirement. Our systems are PCI DSS certified every year and everything we build is done with a security mindset. Security is built-in to every aspect of our NuPayments platform.

From data encrypted using HSM (hardware security modules), cryptographic silos for our shared environments and granular user access permissions on our dashboard and reporting systems. We’ve got you covered.


NuPayments is designed to scale, another foundational requirement. We auto-scale our system to handle any amount of traffic, which can include standard traffic patterns to spike traffic generated by large events or promotions.

Fast, Faster, Fastest

Our payments platform has been tested to over 1000 transaction per second (TPS). We work with merchants where speed is a critical factor particularly during large events across Australia and the Globe. We regularly have traffic in the 200-300+ TPS with event-based spikes to 500+ TPS.

Multi-Brand, Multi-Business Units and Multi-Country Hierarchy

NuPayments understand that larger organisation often have complex business configurations. Our platform provides a rich hierarchical environment allowing you to segment your organisational transactions based on brand, business unit and/or location. Allowing a top-down view of all transactions, while individual brands/locations can only access the transaction processing and history associated to them.

Access Virtually any Payment Service

To expand globally, merchants need access to a range of payment services in their target markets. And merchant aggregators must offer their merchant network an array of payment services but struggle to develop connectors quickly.

With NuPayments, you have access to our global ecosystem of payment services. Connect once with our powerful API to transact with virtually any payment service provider. We are adding more constantly and if the payment service provider you desire does not exist we can typically build a new connector within weeks.

Any region hosting

We can deliver our payment solution in any global region. Eliminating network transaction overhead and also ensuring any data residency requirements are meet.

Deployment options

We can provide a SaaS multi-tenant model (in certain regions), which uses sophisticated cryptographic encryption to silo each customer

We can also provide a SaaS single-tenant, private cloud solution as well. With optional multi-region failover for those highly critical applications.


Rich and Secure API environment allowing for integration to your systems. With call-backs to downstream systems

Nuvola harnesses a state-of-the-art token vault designed for the utmost security of sensitive data, ensuring optimal flexibility in data storage, seamless integration, and robust connectivity with downstream gateways. This cutting-edge technology framework elevates data handling to new levels of sophistication, providing a fortress for information while maintaining fluidity in transactional operations.

Our token vault and token services are the best in the industry.

Network (scheme) “Aware”, Gateway tokens and BYO Alias/Token

Network tokenization, as provided by card networks such as Visa, Mastercard etc, offer enhanced security and functionality over traditional gateway-based tokens, contributing to a more secure, efficient, and seamless payment ecosystem.

NuVault can maintain a range of token types against a single CC number (PAN), enabling extreme flexibility in how payments are processed. Allowing for business rules that might need to use a particular gateway and tokens for legacy access.

Network Tokenization provides additional benefits such as increasing acceptance rates and reducing processing costs.

Advance Key Management and Data protection

With many millions of secured payment methods, we know what best-in-class vault management looks like. With a series of rules and configurations, we have built those best practices into our NuVault.

NuVault is secured by HSM (hardware security module) encryption. Each client within our shared platform has their own unique key, ensuring that data is cryptographically siloed from client to client.

Vault optimization for cost, efficiency, and data enrichment is rarely a focus area, even for firms with a cutting-edge payment ecosystem. NuVault manages the stored data, removing stagnant entries and putting rule-based automation to work. Rules and configurations based on industry best practices offer flexibility to suit your business needs.

NuVault Metadata

The Nuvola token vault not only secures sensitive data but allows you to store metadata alongside the token information. This metadata is specific to your organisation and can be used for business rules management of tokens and payment methods and/or additional information for downstream gateways.

NuVault can support the storage of a diverse set of data on customers and their payment methods.

1-to-Many Token Capabilities

NuVault was designed to provide a single reference token that can then be linked to an infinite number of gateway, scheme/network tokens.

The reference token is stored within your CRM/ERP systems and used whenever transactions take place. NuVault will then intelligently use the correct token for the chosen downstream gateway, based on your business rules setup.

Token Format

NuVault has an extremely flexible token generation capability. We have a range of standard token formats but can easily customise a token format for your organisation. This makes the transition from existing stored data to token extremely easy. We can create a token format that matches your existing stored data format so that your underpinning databases do not need to be modified.

We can create numeric, alphanumeric, alpha-only, card-matching token formats for example F6L4, so that the first six and last four digits from the original PAN are preserved and the middle digits are replaced with a random token.

Our token formats are infinitely flexible.

Token Types

NuVault has a range of token types that can be stored and used. These include;

  • Time-limited tokens
  • Use limited tokens
  • Permanent tokens
  • Network/scheme token
  • Gateway token

Token Preservation

If you already have existing tokens from an existing gateway, these can be preserved and used. Minimising the changes required on your existing CRM/ERP systems. We can route traffic based on the original token to allow transition over time from the legacy gateway to multi-gateway processing.

Many of our clients have observed considerable enhancements in their transition to multi-gateway processing and have also reported substantial savings in effort and cost by eliminating the need for alterations to their core systems by preserving the original tokens.

Multi-region resilience and vault backups

NuVault by Nuvola also offers multi-region resilience. Were we replicate vault data between two geographic regions. The replication of data is done in real time. This has enabled some of our clients to switch payment processing regions within 60 seconds, should a disaster occur within the home country region.

NuVault point-in-time backups are taken continuously throughout the day.

Your customers should never know who we are. This is one of the fundamentals of our approach and business.

It’s about your brand, not ours

We support advanced & highly customizable Page designs. Payment pages that can be as simple or complex as you want.

Transaction Integrations

Ability to perform pre- and post-transaction integrations.

3DSv2 integration

Fraud prevention built into hosted payment pages as required.

Make it Easy for Your Customers to Transact

Storing customer payment details helps you deliver a great customer experience. This may help to streamline the checkout for returning customers or to simplify subscription transactions each renewal period.

Storing card data opens you to data theft and PCI audit requirements. We provide a number of solutions to resolve capturing card data through transparent tokenisation (see below).

NuPayments will provide you with a token value (generated to your required format) that is then used to access each credit card number. Reducing the PCI scope of your application or service.

Fraud is a significant drain on merchants and their customers. NuPayments has additional capabilities not standard with most gateways offering 3DS.

3DS v2

3DS integrated payments can be implemented via rules or OnDemand via API

3rd Party Fraud Services

Ability to integrate to 3rd party Fraud services within payment orchestration

Being able to use multiple gateways should not be a difficult proposition. However, most existing gateways make it difficult to switch and the prohibitive cost and effort to reengineer your internal systems to talk to multiple gateways, prevents most organisation implementing more than one gateway. NuPayments solves this problem, by providing an orchestration layer that takes care of interacting with as many underlying gateways as required.

Smart Routing

NuPayments platform builds intelligence into transaction routing. Whether using basic failover to re-route transactions when a preferred gateway is down or customizing routing logic based on the businesses preferred processing method, transaction routing can increase acceptance rates, lower costs, and develop effective payment architecture across geographies.  We can ensure you are always online and deliver higher authorization rates at the lowest possible cost.

Our routing rules are driven by your business needs and our integration to multiple gateway endpoints. It will make a meaningful impact to your payment’s infrastructure and its economics.

Transaction Retry: Outages

NuPayments monitors each of its gateway partners and can identify outages as they occur in real-time. Clients can quickly establish alternate routes to immediately shift traffic to alternative gateways or this can be automated through business rules. This simple step can quickly and seamlessly prevent revenue loss and dissatisfied customers.

Transaction Retry: Soft Declines

If your preferred gateway declines the transaction, you can retry your secondary gateway. So called “soft declines” can happen for a variety of reasons, and many of these apparently unsuccessful transactions can be “saved” using one or several retry approaches.

Retries can be done to a secondary or tertiary gateway, or even submitted with an alternative payment token, such as a network token. Either way, it’s a way to turn a decline into revenue.

NuPayments logic-layer allows clients to customize routing based on a diverse set of criteria. Whether based on the preferred payment method, the geographical region of the cardholder, clients can tailor their environment to achieve a variety of business goals.

Business Rules

NuVault has a range of standard business rules that can be applied to your configuration. In addition to this we can rapidly implement bespoke rules required for your business.

Our standard business rules cover the following;

  • Weighted routing
  • Fail-over routing
  • Gateway performance routing
  • BIN based routing
  • Currency routing
  • Debit/Credit routing
  • Soft Decline retry routing
  • And more being added…

One-to-Many connections

to almost any payment gateway or provider to save time and provide future flexibility.

Mission critical availability and performance

State of the art platform that can support up to thousands of transactions per second with mission critical uptime for all clients in excess of 99.999% over multiple years.

Prebuilt and bespoke gateway connectors

We have a range of prebuilt gateway connectors and we are always adding more. It typically only takes use a couple of weeks to add a new gateway. A list of pre-built gateway integrations that you can access;

  • Bambora/Worldline
  • Braintree
  • Cybersource
  • FatZbra
  • First Data
  • PayPal
  • TNS/Mastercard
  • Worldpay
  • Zip

Performance Monitoring

Real-time gateway performance monitoring and metrics. This includes the ability to have business rules that will allow you to route transactions based on downstream gateway performance.

NuPayment provides a comprehensive transaction dashboard and reporting capabilities. Allowing you to delve into every transaction.

Advanced Dashboard Reporting

An effective payments strategy depends on firm control over your data and transactions. However, the volume and complexity of your payments stack can make it difficult. What insights are you getting to let you know how and when to tune your payments approach?

NuPayments gives you a rich, flexible reporting tool, with comprehensive reporting and reconciliation functionality, letting you make informed decisions about your payments strategy with deep insight into transactions across your partner networks.

Advanced Dashboard features

Virtual Terminals, allowing operational staff to perform voids, refunds, even card not present transactions if required.

Transaction Management

Every transaction performed online is available in the dashboard, and sensitive data is not present within the dashboard environment, however, all other details such as gateway used, amounts, settlement date etc are available to operational and finance staff as required.

Token Management

Every token that is available within the token vault, without sensitive data, is present in the dashboard for those authorised to access it. Token data, including any metadata, is available.

Performance Monitoring

Real-time gateway performance monitoring and metrics. Providing you with insights into how your gateways are performing. Including the ability to have business rules that will allow you to route transactions based on downstream gateway performance.

Virtual Terminals

Ability to provide agents with virtual terminals – so that transactions can be processed manually if required.

Dashboard refund capabilities

Allowing agents to issue refunds both full and partial, to the card on record.

Self-service configuration options and settings

Nearly every aspect from payment pages to what cards you will accept and in what currencies can be configured.

Multi-brand or sub-brand management

Each brand can have its own dashboard, for example, you might have a brand ACME USA  and ACME Canada, each would have its own dashboard and transaction history and configuration functionality. Yet ACME Group can see both brands, reporting, transaction etc.

We can handle complex hierarchies of large organisation which need to segment their brands and workflows.

Granular Permissions

Grant your operations team access to just to the items they need access to. NuPayments has a very granular permission system. Controlling not only access to dashboard features but also API calls etc. As an example, you can provide staff access to reports and reporting, without exposing access to Virtual Terminals and vice versa.

NuVault has developed a unique ability not found in most modern gateways. This feature alone can completely remove your web and smart device apps from any form of PCI compliance.

Transparent tokenization allows for the capture of a new payment method within your application without the card data (PAN etc) ever reaching your front or backend systems.

We provide a secure middle layer, where the card information is passed to NuVault, we tokenize the card and pass the token value directly to your back-end systems. This can be done without only a minor change to your current payload or code.

For gateway processing of payments, the payload is passed to NuVault with the standard token value. NuVault will then intelligently replace the token with PAN, Network Token or Gateway token as required.

NuTT covers various use cases;

Replacing PAN data in flight

We do on-the-fly conversions of PAN data to tokens. We intercept data in transit and either tokenize or de-tokenize depending on the direction and dataflow.

Replacing PAN data – system storage

Replacing PAN data within your business application, with a token that can match exactly your application requirements, which eliminates any need for internal system changes.

The benefit with most applications there is no change other than the configuration of end-points.

Removal from PCI DSS Scope

Host your own payment pages or native mobile applications whilst enabling removal from PCI DSS scope, using transparent tokenization.

Transparently Tokenize & DeTokenize

Cardholder data for new card additions/payments, and gateway requests respectively.

Your data is and will always remain your data. Should you wish to choose another partner we will extract and return to you the token vault data including PANs to a secure location or new payment gateway. This is a guarantee.

If you are looking to switch your gateway processing or tokenisation processes, ensure you are getting value and future flexibility from your payment partner. A partner that can provide value over time and has the agility needed for large businesses.

Your business worked hard to build trust with your customers. So, you should have the flexibility to move your between payment services when your strategy and vendor needs change.

The value we provide is our modular design, extensive connectors, agility and speed of deployments, as well as our world-class product. As well as our guarantee you will always have an exit strategy.

Lock-in is a common problem in the payment space, as the cost to move payment gateways can be significant and often hampered by the gateways that do not or will not de-tokenize your data.

We are so confident in the value we bring that we ensure that you have a compatible and viable exit strategy to move your transactions back to direct processing. We do this through our flexible and secure token vault technologies. And we will de-tokenise your data and provide it back to you securely or directly to your new payment provider.

All online merchants that accept credit card payments must be PCI DSS compliant. But building and maintaining a payments stack yourself leads to significant cost, time, compliance risk and exposure. The PCI audit process is also costly and time consuming for all systems in-scope for card holder environment (CDE) and that interact with the CDE.

Nuvola takes the pain out of compliance. With our secure token vault, you can significantly reduce your PCI scope and help avoid a costly, time-intensive, on-site data security assessment. Nuvola is Level 1 PCI compliant — the highest and strictest level.

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