The “Nu” Nuvola

Nuvola is investing to evolve our products and services, and our brand needed a revamp.

Nuvola has been an engineering-led business since inception, working with and for our customers and partners to build, deliver and improve our solutions and capabilities. We have grown through excellence, leading to longstanding relationships and strong reputation for those who know us. 

Our problem is that because our focus has been about our customers’ brand, their customers’ journey, experience and trust, we have not focused on our own. In addition, engineers aren’t the best marketers, and so we reached out to experts to help. 

We have some exciting things coming up, progression and expansion across our product and services roadmap, and it became clear that this is the time for much needed changes to our brand, logos, website and other key digital channels. In short, it’s time to begin a more forward looking and acting approach. Our brand changes are a reflection of this maturity. 

Working with an international digital marketing agency, Goose Digital, Nuvola is positioning for our expanding future, broader customer engagement and working to grow Nuvola.

What’s changed?

Our message

We have come a long way from our roots in 2010 as a value-added Managed Service Provider (MSP) of other vendors’ products, to create market leading services.

We evolved into a Software and Services organization driven by both customer demand and the realization that the software we were selling did not and could not solve the problems our customers were facing.

We have developed into a robust Software Product and Services organization. Our features, capabilities, and value are developed in-house to solve complex problems and make it simple for businesses to get the full value they need from eSignature and Payment platforms. With an expanding ability to deliver On-premise, OnCloud, or in “As a Service” (SaaS) models.

Our online channels

  • Website has been redesigned ( from the ground up
  • LinkedIn (LI) presence shifting from Nuvola Group to Nuvola

A shift from ‘Nuvola Group’ to ‘Nuvola’ supported by 

Our new Logo 

A global DNS Domain ( to move beyond our original Australian roots

A new Brand kit

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