Case Study: Major Australian Bank

Case Study, e-Signature
Major Australian Bank

Australia’s 2nd Largest Bank

How Nuvola enabled a top 2 bank to be a market leader in digitally transforming Mortgages & Business banking, and much more.

In 2015, Nuvola won a competitive process to deliver an e-Signature solution to power the banks digital transformation. The requirement was to provide an integrated platform in B2C services, across multiple lines of business, products and brands. The first to market were Personal Lending and Wealth Management businesses. 

Nuvola partnered with IBM to deliver this initially as a Private Cloud solution, and then subsequently being moved on-premise as a managed solution.

Massive results for Australia’s 2nd largest bank.

The launch into production in 2015 for Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Personal Lending products across 3 brands led to the following benefits:

  • A 42% increase in Personal loan conversion rate, up from 45% to 97% – dramatically exceeding the anticipated benefits outlined in the business case.
  • Time to funds substantially reduced – leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Efficiency gains in the group operations team, resulting in substantial FTE improvements.

By 2016, after the success of the Personal Loans benefits, the bank began adopting NuSign across Mortgages (new and variations/top-ups) for their main brand and 3 of their subsidiary brands. 

In 2017 NuSign was selected as a core component of the banks’ strategic digital transformation technology platform within the bank, with an initial focus on Mortgage origination. The intent is to provide a common Digital layer for all bank products and services, and where e-Signatures are required Nuvola’s NuSign will provide this capability.

The rollout to mortgages had the following benefits for Australia’s 2nd largest bank:

  • A market leader using e-Signatures for mortgages.
  • Same day application-to-funding with e-Signature and process integration for Mortgage top ups. This reduced time down from 13 day (average) and in many cases longer. 
  • Revenue upside with increased conversion speed
  • New mortgage fulfilment was dramatically enhanced
  • Efficiency gains in the back office (FTE)
  • Significant OPEX reduction

2019 – Complex Business Banking Cases Unlocked

Business banking use cases are historically the most challenging for all banks due to complex internal business rules, internal approval processes and number of customer signers and the number of documents that are required to be uploaded. 

Nuvola’s NuSign allowed Australia’s 2nd largest bank to unlock this traditionally difficult use case and delivery a solution that satisfied the bank and its customers.  

Business banking adoption started to increase rapidly across the bank as we incrementally added support for more deal types, with high complexity of Signer roles, Documents, Uploads and entities.

Australia’s 2nd largest bank now has digitally enabled deals with many dozens of Signer roles, and numerous other roles such as company directors, solicitors, secretary’s, Guarantors (with special enabling logic) and more.


Two new lines of business have deployed Nusign e-Signature  for Complaints Management resolution and Equipment Financing (Business Banking). 

The banks’ complaints resolution now uses NuSign to send letters of offer for complaint resolutions, involving third-party authorisers and power of attorney. 

Equipment Financing has enabled complex capabilities where an individual participates in e-Signing contracts with multiple roles (e.g. they have more than one signing role such as Director + Guarantor, or Director + Company Secretary) , data collection and evaluation and guarantor cool-off periods, each of these NuSign was able to accommodate with minimal bespoke work to NuSign.

Both of the above are fully Straight-through-process integrations allowing scale and automation. This has resulted in operational backoffice efficiencies and improvements to time to result, and customer process improvements. 

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