How A-MAX Insurance Tripled Volumes and Went Paperless with NuSign Suite

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A-MAX Insurance Triples their Digital Volumes by Switching from DocuSign to NuSign eSignature Suite.

In December 2023 A-MAX Insurance became one of the first auto insurance companies to offer a complete in-person digital customer experience. Customers coming into A-MAX shopfronts can complete the document eSigning process instore, previously only available to online customers. 

Insurance agents utilize a tablet to present all the required documents for review by the customer and eSigning. As part of the same process agents are able to upload any relevant and mandatory documents along with pictures of vehicles required to support the application for insurance.  

The entire solution is completed with a single vendor product; NuSign e-Signature Suite by Nuvola.

Background – DocuSign Limitations Prevent Digital Successes at A-MAX Insurance

A-MAX Insurance had a previous 3-year engagement with DocuSign to provide their eSignature digital solution. A-MAX tried for three years with DocuSign to deliver the complete In-Person digital solution, however they were unable to achieve this success for several reasons. Due to this limitation, A-MAX was only able to deliver a digital solution for their remote processing and therefore they could only achieve 30% of their digital transformation goals. 

The following are the reasons why DocuSign limited A-MAX’s ability to scale to Retail Offices: 

  1. Carrier documents are non-standard and therefore DocuSign templates were not available to be used. (All envelopes had to be created manually) 
  2. Extensive manual effort is required to setup each of the “envelopes”. Agents were required to perform 50+ activities to drag, drop and resize signature blocks. This was a showstopper for A-MAX as Agents could not perform all these activities in front of a “waiting” customer. 
  3. Each of the required supporting documents had to be manually included in the envelope. Agents had to rely on training to know the list of documents as DocuSign does not support pre-established carrier workflows. 
  4. DocuSign does not support the ability to hide Insurance Cards so therefore A-MAX agents must manually remove the page(s) prior to signing. 
  5. Uploading supporting customer documents and images of the car could not be accomplished via DocuSign and therefore another vendor would be required. DocuSign supports the ability to upload an image, however the application embeds all images into a final PDF which results in the inability to route/review/correct/re-upload/store uploaded images individually. Also, Agents (again via training) had to know which images must be uploaded (and manually type image names!) as DocuSign does not support pre-established workflows. 
  6. DocuSign has no ability to support 200+ retail offices with a single instance of DocuSign. The proposed solution required that each of the offices would have their own DocuSign account. A-MAX had concerns over the management of the 200+ accounts and the lack of reporting and analytics to support their operations. Agents in other offices did not have the ability to support a customer concern from another office. Head office support staff had to have access rights to each of the 200+ accounts. Not a viable option for A-MAX!

A-MAX Succeeds with NuSign e-Signature Suite by Nuvola

A-MAX decided that they must search for another e-Signatures vendor instead of renewing with DocuSign and committing themselves to more years of frustrations and software limitations. A-MAX met with Nuvola and discovered that NuSign eSignatures Suite had enhanced capabilities over DocuSign and that A-MAX could put forward a plan to achieve their goal of fully digitizing their operations. 

In reviewing the list of DocuSign limitations, NuSign eSignature Suite provided the answers:

  1. Non Standard Carrier Documents – NuSign has a NuDocs component that supports full automation that can be established for each Carrier. All manual work to prepare the document for signing is automated. 
  2. Manual Effort in Front of waiting customers – This manual effort was automated with NuDocs. This solution now enables agents to prepare packages for signing with customers present. 
  3. Manually Identifying Documents to Upload – NuFlow is a workflow component in NuSign which supports the setup of a Carrier workflow which has predefined documents (mandatory and optional) associated with each carrier. 
  4. Hiding Insurance Cards – NuSign leverages NuDocs to identify those pages that are Insurance Cards and will suppress the page(s) from being seen during signing. Customers will then be delivered the completed document with the Insurance Card. This process is completely automated and therefore no manual tasks, training or mistakes made! 
  5. Uploading Supporting Documents – NuSign has built a fully capable document image management solution called NuExchange. Images that are required to be included in a package are predefined in the workflow and NuExchange supports the ability for customers to upload images and compliance offices have a portal to review images and seek corrections where required.
  6. Supporting 200+ Retail Offices – NuSign Suite has an elaborate account hierarchy and permissions layer that easily supports the ability to have 200+ retail offices operating on the single instance of NuSign. Head office administrators have full access to all packages and have advanced analytics and reporting across their entire operations.

The following is a summary of the key features in NuSign Suite


Document automation was used to read each page of the application documents to then apply the embedded business rules to place signature blocks, place initials and “hide” insurance cards. Complex business rules were added to a “business workflow” configuration thus eliminating the need for insurance agents to manually “prepare” documents for signing.


Each of the underwriters were configured to have their application “parcel” (document and image library) defined within the application, automating the process of document selection for each carrier, reducing training requirements for staff, removing risk, removing human error and increasing speed to delivery of documents to customers.

The benefits for using pre-built workflows are:

  • Speed to market: The solution was delivered via configuration instead of development
  • Reduction of project risks: No internal development required
  • Reduction of project costs: No internal development required 
  • Industry leading all-in-one solution: Out of box capabilities are ready for use

Additional Benefits of using NuSign integrated solutions:

  • 50% reduction in cost of delivery of eSigned parcels
  • Reduced training requirements
  • Removal of human error in document and image library selection


A customized signing experience that is on brand for A-MAX with colours, fonts, text and logo ensuring the UI is 100% A-MAX. Not a solution “powered by …”. We fundamental believe the whole experience including the UI belongs to A-MAX and their brand! 

NuSign also provides the ability to suppress (hide) all insurance cards and ensure they are delivered to customers post signing and post confirmation of payment.


Was used to enable each insurance application to gather required customer documentation such as; identification documents and multiple images of the vehicle(s) to be insured. 

NuExchange provides the capability to support image capture via mobile devices all within the single customer experience portal. For those images captured remotely by the customer themselves, NuSign Suite includes a back office agent portal where the A-MAX agents can review the signing parcel to verify all the uploaded images for compliance accuracy. 

The key features are:

  • Ability to define the image requirements per workflow
  • Agents can pick from the list and mark as mandatory documents
  • Agents have the ability to review all uploaded images and “Accept” or “Reject” them. The application will respond back to customers for those images that need correction.


Was used as described above, to provide a 100% customized “Customer Portal Experience” that was not only on-brand but reflected the workflow that A-MAX wanted their customers to experience. 

The customer portal is device responsive website that provides a comprehensive list of all activities required by the customer. This includes listing those documents for review, signing and itemizing each image required for upload.

Benefits Realized

All Channels Digitized

The A-MAX digital transformation journey was ON HOLD due to their previous eSignature vendor selection. Once the NuSign Suite solution was implemented, the A-MAX team was able to build out their document automation and deliver their final and largest volume channel. 

Improved ROI

By increasing the volume of digitally processed transactions by over 100%, A-MAX has significantly reduced their paper processing and therefore all the traditionally paper related costs, manual labour, storage, compliance reviews and tedious rework to correct paper errors. The saving achieved as result of this implemented far outweighed the cost of NuSign suite. 

Reduction of Risk with Improved Compliance

All organizations that rely on a paper-based solution have an increase risk of not being capable of defending claims due to incorrect documents or not being able to locate documents. By digitizing their operations, A-MAX has protected themselves from these paper related compliance risks. 

Compliance teams can access each application in process or completed, through the back office portal, improving the ability to complete spot checks and complying with audits.

With NuSign Suite, the document errors are essentially eliminated resulting in hundreds of hours of saved time as rework is not required.

Significant Reduction in Training

Insurance agents are no longer trained to understand the 50+ manual steps that are required to prepare a document package for signing. These manual steps and business rules vary from carrier to carrier,  resulting in hundreds of manual rules that were required to be understood. NuFlow has automate this and eliminate human errors from incorrect application of carrier rules. Saving weeks of training. 

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