A-MAX Slashes Costs by 55% with Nuvola’s NuSign Suite

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Streamlining Operations

A-MAX Auto Insurance Company focuses on mobile to simplify and improve the customer experience.

Phase 1 – POC and Online Rollout

A-MAX, a Texas based State Insurance Company, wanted to radically improve their customer experience and have a simple easy interaction with their customer via their mobiles. They wanted a text message sent to their customers so that the customer could quickly access their policy documents to accept them and digitally sign them. In addition to reviewing and signing their documents, the Insurance Company wanted to ensure that their customers also had the ability to take pictures of their car(s) and driver’s license in the same mobile session. Quick, easy and intuitive was the experience that this company was looking for. 

Quick, easy and intuitive is the solution that was delivered!

Not only was the customer experience delivered in record time but a number of other operational benefits were realized.

A-MAX were skeptical that Nuvola’s NuSign Suite could deliver the benefits promised with an aggressive timeline to deploy. They had struggled to realize the benefits of e-Signature solution with another vendor, DocuSign. 

Proof of Concept Benefits

A proof of concept was built for them, to demonstrate the capabilities of the NuSign Suite. As part of our POC, Nuvola undertook a thorough analysis of their current operations. We documented their current manual processes with the existing eSign solution and compared this to the results of using the automated out-of-the-box solutions of NuSign, demonstrating the following benefits; 

  • 55% reduction in policy preparation time, 
  • 50% reduction in number of manual steps, 
  • 55% cost saving per transaction, 
  • 90% reduction in operational error through automation and 
  • 80% customer acceptance within 6 hours of text message. 

With hundreds of thousands of applications per year this is a significant cost and time saving. 

Existing Operational Challenges – Too Many Manual Activities!

A-MAX Insurance had a four year engagement with another e-Signatures vendor and struggled with several challenges that impacted their operations and resulted in a high rate of incomplete or failed orders. We performed a thorough analysis of their existing operational process, documenting each step and how long each step took; 

The main operational issues were the following:

  • Complex non-standard application forms that require 40-60 manual steps to setup the signature rules for signing. Click to sign, click to initial, signer types and date fields all had to be added to a document manually for each and every application. 
  • Training challenges: This company has 20+ carriers that each have their own application forms and nuances. Their agents must be trained to understand the complex rules for 20+ carrier setups.
  • This industry has a 90+% staff turnover rate, the costs of training are expensive due to the frequency and duration and the complexity of the document rules for the 20+ carrier brands.  
  • Out-of-Orders: Due to these complexities, out-of-orders rates were high. They did not have the means to measure these rates accurately as multiple systems were involved, but they knew they were spending too much effort to correct compliance concerns, due to operational errors and a complex process for the customer. 
  • The solution required manual emails to supplement the e-Signatures tool as customer images and insurance cards were managed manually. 

Due to these operational challenges, this State Insurance Company had not migrated their in-person signing to their previous e-Signatures tool as the experience was too difficult for their in-store agents. Approximately 70% of their transactions continued to be processed on paper even though they had an e-Signature product. 

The NuSign Solution

Nuvola NuSign Suite was implemented within eight weeks, as a private cloud SaaS solution. The following are the main features utilized by the insurance company:

NuX – Mobile Responsive Experience

Customers now receive a text invitation with a link that will immediately launch a responsive mobile experience that dramatically improves the signing workflow in a fully branded experience for each of their carriers. Providing a white-labeled centralized system that promoted the A-MAX brand, was critical to their success. Once the customer signs the documents, they are then able to select the images required for the policy application and use the camera on their mobile to capture image(s). 

This was all done without the cost or need to develop a Mobile App and is delivered entirely to the customer via their mobile device browser application.

NuDocs – Process Automation 

The NuSign Suite includes automation capabilities that were able to eliminate the 40 to 60 manual steps involved with creating a signing package. All complex business rules are now included in the solution and agents are no longer required to perform these steps. The new process requires agents to simply select the carrier, to ensure appropriate branding is delivered to the customer and then upload the application document. That’s it! 

NuDocs will examine the documents, search for keywords, place signature blocks, place date fields, place clicks to initial locations. The result was a significant reduction in training and a dramatic decline in out-of-orders. 

Proof of Insurance Card

In addition to the above automation the proof of insurance page was hidden from the customer and not available until the application was complete and payment processed.

NuFlow – Business Workflows 

NuSign Suite has pre-built industry workflows and A-MAX leveraged the end-to-end Insurance workflow and is why the solution was delivered in weeks. The main benefits for using pre-built workflows are:

  • Speed to market: The solution is delivered via configuration instead of development
  • Reduction of project risks: No internal development required
  • Reduction of project costs: No internal development required 
  • Industry leading all-in-one solution: Out of box capabilities are ready for use

NuExchange – Secure Document Uploads

NuSign Suite incorporates a suite of capabilities to support the need for customers to upload information during their customer engagements. For the Insurance Workflow, A-MAX simply provided a list of images required to complete the insurance application. The NuSign workflows were configured to request specific images associated with the application. The insurance agents simply pick from a list of images required and the customer will have this list displayed when reviewing their application documents. The key features are:

  • Ability to define the image requirements per workflow
  • Agents can pick from the list and mark as mandatory documents
  • Agents have the ability to review all uploaded images and “Accept” or “Reject” them. NuSign then communicates with the customer what needs correction. This was a huge win for A-MAX, as previously this would require a complete restart of the application by the agent and the customer and resulted in a lot of abandoned insurance applications.

Previous to NuSign NuExchange, the image retrieval was a compliance problem for A-MAX. Agents used emails and they were “manual” meaning templates weren’t used to explain what was required. Agents would type out instructions and then send additional manual emails to request additional information. Images were then manually moved to their storage application. Compliance had ZERO ability to track in-progress applications. 

Now, all of the above is handled through the compliance portal and our secure upload technology built into the platform.

NuReports – Analytics and Reporting 

A-MAX now has access to a complete view of their operations across all carrier workflows and retail offices. Weekly completion rates, agent adoption, package duration are all tracked and they now enjoy insights to their operations never previously realized and supports targeted coaching opportunities. 

A-MAX’s Huge win

The solution was a huge win for them. It delivered a number of immediate benefits for their main call-centre(s);

  • 55% reduction in transaction costs
  • 55% reduction in transaction processing time
  • 50% reduction in manual steps
  • 90% reduction in errors
  • 80% acceptance within 6 hours of customer interaction
  • A dramatically improved customer experience
  • A compliance portal that requires significantly less training for operators – saving money on training costs
  • Elimination of training costs associated to individual carrier rules and requirements
  • Application processing and document management is now handled in one system, eliminating the use of multiple systems and access points.
  • All document processing is now automated. 
  • Hiding and Revealing the proof of insurance is now automated.
  • Significantly reduced compliance team interaction and costs; previously every application had to be reviewed due to lack of automation, now only exceptions are reviewed.

Future Opportunities – Phase 2 Rollout

The scope of Phase 1 included all remote transactions for the retail agents (retail offices) and all volumes for the call center. Phase 1 saw a significant ROI by implementing NuSign and they plan to continue rolling out this solution to their in-person engagements across their 200+ retail offices later this year.

Currently the in-store signing at the retail offices are 100% paper based as the complexity of the previous eSign solution was too difficult to roll out an acceptable digital solution.

By leveraging NuSign Suite, they will be able to realize a paper free application/policy environment. With easy and quick customer interaction and experience. 

With each office been able to deliver a branded customer experience and move from paper based in-person signing to digital signatures, this will increase revenues and reduce costs.

Read about A-MAX success rolling out instore/in-person e-Signature of insurance, digitizing the remaining 70% of their business.

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