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Our Story

Nuvola is a fintech company started in Australia in 2010. We have a proven track record of developing enterprise solutions which require rigorous security and high compliance. Our DNA is creating innovative solutions to complex problems in complex, demanding and mission critical enterprise environments.

The products Nuvola has today were born because the software we were selling didn’t deliver the solutions our customers really needed, across eSignature and Payment processing. Our customers’ needs spoke loudly and we responded, resulting in a suite of tools that are battle tested and stand up and deliver real world results.

Our experience across more than a decade of solving challenges is rolled into our NuSign and NuPayments suite of tools.

We partner with world leading vendors to deliver solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

What Drives Us

We get a kick out of tackling tough challenges and coming up with clever solutions. For us, it’s all about making things simpler, smarter, and speedier. We’re here to turn your plans from ‘what if’s’ into ‘what is’ and eliminate your blockers. This isn’t just a job; it’s about pushing limits and hitting the sweet spot of success, hand in hand with those we serve.


Some of our amazing team

Andrew Schutz

Founder & CEO

Dave Beaton

VP Sales North America

Natalie Lobanova

Head of Operations

Simon Lobanov

Head of Development

Andrew Lishchynskyi

Senior NuSign Developer

Paulo Martins

Lead front-end Developer

Peter Leslie

Compliance Lead

Viktoriia Petrosian

Quality Assurance Lead

Gerardo Ares

Senior Solution Architect

Our Partners

We work with a range of world class partners including:

A Fintech Company With a Global Reach

Nuvola has customers across Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Our team is global powerhouse across most time zones and we partner with providers that can ensure a local experience.

Nuvola Fintech Company


Business Analyst

December 14, 2023

Front-End Developer

January 6, 2024

Full Stack Developer

January 6, 2024

UX/UI Designer

January 6, 2024

Account Manager

March 28, 2024